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PDA Connect
fast telephone connections for your Handy directly over Palm. Connection over IR and Bluetooth. Select your telephone partner from the Palm address book your Palm become direct the switching center of your communication. They select a telephone partner from your address book out and automatically the connection over the Handy or in-car telephone are manufactured.

Price $ 24.39

PDA Home Buying Guide
PDA Home Buying Guide to help Palm OS consumers get a better handle on the house search and purchase process. Features include home database, mortgage calculator and a backgrounder on the ins and outs of purchasing a home. With PDA Home Buying Guide on your Palm OS PDA, you'll keep your house search organized, calculate your own monthly mortgage costs and become an informed buyer.

Price $ 19.95

Ultimate Calorie Meter
you receive the benefits of tracking your nutritional intake of eight food values, setting weight goals and finding how many overall calories you can consume to lose weight so that you can better manage your diet and fitness program. You have the ability to build meals, build favorite items you eat frequently, change any of the history you have saved and track your exercises on a daily basis.

Price $ 19.95

Evolutionary Dictionary
includes an extensive English language dictionary as well as foreign language translation for over 60 language pairs with sizes to suit every handheld. The program is still available for the one low price with all language modules available for free. Evolutionary Dictionary and all modules are available for PalmOS and PocketPC handhelds.

Price $ 18.95

Honey Do
a Simple ToDo List for couples to keep track of those things that need to get done. For those couples with one PDA all information can be kept on a single device. For those Palm Enabled Couples you can beam each task to your partners PDA .

Price $ 6.95


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